Monday, December 22, 2014

Party Time, Sickness, Knees, and Divorce

Wednesday we had our annual Ugly Christmas Sweater party at work. Honestly, my Christmas sweater isn't so ugly but if I'm gonna spend money on something then I want it to be something I can wear more than once. If you can't tell, I still haven't gotten my hair done. I seriously need a haircut.

Thursday the whole Ponder clan drove the 2 hours to Little Rock so my mom could have her knee replacement. Since my ex is living there now I decided to call him to let him know we would be in town if he wanted to come to the hospital and see Jack. When he showed up I didn't even recognize him. He had earrings in! All I could think is these last few months have been tearing me apart and he has gotten his ears pierced. He had on all new clothes and shoes and even a huge chain around his neck. I guess since he doesn't have a kid to raise he has time to focus on himself. He isn't giving me any child support but has the money to buy all that stuff for himself. I held my tongue to get through the visit but it did bother me. He has said he refuses to give me child support until it is court ordered. I think this says a lot about his character and enforces in me that I never really knew him.
I will say that he did get Jack some great Christmas presents. Jack enjoyed everything and for that I'm thankful. Jeremy went ahead and brought Jack's Christmas presents with him although he was suppose to bring them to him on the 23rd. I guess it just saves him a trip. I'm happy that I won't have to see him again until after Christmas.
Friday I woke up feeling quite sick. I was very nervous that I might have the flu. Although I was sick I knew I had to get to work at least for a little while. I had some loose ends to tie up before Christmas break and I needed to give some gifts and also pick up my paycheck. I stayed for about two hours. I then headed home and took a very long nap before I had to get to Jack's Christmas party at daycare. 



 These are not the best pictures but I was feeling so bad but I did want to snap a few. He makes the biggest messes when he is eating. Of course, he ate the cupcake first.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas! I'm very much looking forward to a new year.


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